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After graduating, I followed a career as an HR professional for blue chip organisations in the City, the Legal sector and Media. I often had ‘Coaching’ conversations without even realising. This fired my passion for understanding what makes people tick and helping them regain their enthusiasm for their lives.

Despite a successful career, I’d lost sight of who I was and what was important to me. I needed to find ways to bring more of me into all of my life. I explored a formal approach to coaching and qualified with the Coaches Training Institute one of the leading coaching organisations accredited by the International Coaches Federation. It felt like ‘coming home’!

A redhead who’s warm, dynamic, and full of energy, I’m a wife and mother, a singer and interior designer who loves learning, laughing and sharing new experiences.

My journey has been transformational and I created RedLife as a vehicle to coach others to reconnect with their passions and live all of their life as themselves. Red is bold, vibrant and connected to lifeblood, it stimulates and gets things moving. Seeing my clients get their colour back is immensely rewarding.



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