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Whether consciously or subconsciously, the colours we are drawn to say something about our personalities and how we relate to the world. Colour choices affect our emotions, energy levels and even our wellbeing. We all have a colour preference associated with our authentic selves. At times we also need exposure to attributes of other colours in order to balance ourselves, and enhance our ‘natural’ colour.

Colours fall into categories:

WARM: these ground, anchor, activate and energise us. These are Red, Orange, Yellow and Magenta

these harmonise and regulate us and link the warm and cool colours. This is green in its various shades

these calm, clear and soothe us. These are Blue, Indigo and Violet.

COMPLIMENTARY: these are opposite each other on the colour wheel. They oppose yet balance one another. When used together they enhance the other and become more vibrant.

Scroll down to find out what colour preference best describes you? How much of your true colour are you living? How could you bring more of this into your life? Consider your complimentary colour, what balance/enhances you? What influences do you need from other colours and how can you gain more exposure to these?

RED: Associated with Life. It’s the colour of courage, passion, zest and drive. Red heats things up and gets things moving. Red people have a desire to achieve. They take initiative, are natural leaders and intrepid explorers. They have unlimited energy and drive to pursue their interests. They are builders of great things from very little and focused on the physical. They love excitement and stimulus. They need change, movement, variety in their life, otherwise they may feel stuck and become bored. They must be mindful not to dominate. They are happy to initiate and work independently and are enthusiastic and skilled at enthusing others. Great pioneers and entrepreneurs reside under the colour red.

Emotional Impact of Red: Red eliminates negativity and emotional blockages. It helps the shy person to come out of themselves. It puts life back on track. It also restores energy if you’re feeling tired.

Physical Impact of Red: Beneficial in easing stiff muscles and joints and helping paralysis. It’s a tonic for colds and chills. It fortifies the blood and assists circulation. Wear something red if you need a confidence boost or a surge of energy. Also if you want to make an impact!

ORANGE: Associated with Optimism. It’s the colour of fun, joyfulness, expressive emotions and wide interests. Orange people are stimulating and warm hearted. They love life, are full of energy and lighten any atmosphere. They are self-reliant, very practical. They have sound instincts, are adaptable and creative. Orange has the ability to break down barriers. It eliminates outdated patterns of behaviour and removes inhibitions. However, it must remember to be gentle at times! It moves forward. Orange people are great practical jokers, but they must ensure they don’t overstep the mark! Sports people and community leaders relate to orange.

Emotional Impact of Orange: Orange is the colour for dealing with grief, bereavement and loss. It alleviates shock and helps relieve emotional paralysis. With its joyfulness, orange helps with depression and loneliness.

Physical Impact of Orange: Helpful with asthma, epilepsy, bronchitis and broken bones. It is also connected to the pancreas, spleen, kidneys and bladder. It can help alleviate intestinal problems and menopausal symptoms. Wearing orange can make you feel liberated and more tolerant. It also creates a sense of wellbeing and enjoyment.

YELLOW: Associated with Communication. It’s the colour of clarity, confidence, awareness and broad-mindedness. Yellow people have bright, inventive minds and in their search for new ideas they leave no stone unturned. They have a sponge-like capacity to absorb information, but they can be butterflies who flit from one thing to another. They need to ensure they keep a sense of priority. Yellow has no hesitation, it decides quickly and acts immediately. Its favourite pastime is networking and journalists and entertainers are often found under yellow. Yellows are brilliant at making money but can lose it quickly too. Yellow people dislike pettiness, they are willing unless thwarted and then they must be sure not to become acid-tongued.

Emotional Impact of Yellow: Yellow is helpful with raising low self-esteem. It lifts depression and shyness and brings issues to the surface that need to be addressed. Yellow is good for study and reasoning as it is linked to intellect.

Physical Impact of Yellow: Yellow stimulates the lymphatic system, encourages weight loss and helps remove waste from the body. It can also assist treatment of skin and nervous disorders. It is also associated with hormones. Wearing yellow gives confidence. It conveys optimism and self-esteem and also stimulates and lifts the spirits. It can help promote focused thinking and clarity.

MAGENTA: Associated with Respect. It’s the colour of maturity, understanding and compassion. It’s also connected with loving acceptance and matters of the heart. Magenta people are gentle, protective and bring balance and unity. They have great business acumen and are ambitious. This is balanced by their interest in spiritual matters. They also speak, act and think from a perspective of love and the greater good. Their aim is to harmonise and bring settlement to conflict. Their primary focus is to want the best for others. However, they must take care not to bury their own feelings for the sake of others as they often give their emotions unconditionally and are quick to respond to the needs of others. Magenta people are often found in caring related professions such as social services, counselling or mediation.

Emotional Impact of Magenta: Magenta is linked to nurturing and soothing. It helps diminish anger and bad feeling. It is soft and gentle and eases feelings of guilt. It is connected to letting go of things that hold you back.

Physical Impact of Magenta: With its links to releasing positive emotions, Magenta is helpful in relaxing muscles and tension in the body. With its soothing capability it is good for easing indigestion and heartburn and other acidic conditions. The feminine link with Magenta is also associated with complaints related to fertility, pregnancy and menstruation. Wearing Magenta exudes an air of softness, conciliation and being confident about your feminine attributes.

GREEN: Associated with Harmony. It’s the colour of stability, balance, compassion, nature and the heart. Green people are warm, open-hearted, natural and make others feel comfortable. They are natural humanitarians at peace in nature. Personal growth is important to them. They are practical, down to earth and kind. They can sooth, calm and bring ideas to reality. They provide stability and common-sense. They are also generous and good at entertaining. Green is an emotional colour and relationships are important to Green people. They also like to feel they make a contribution to society – doctors and nurses often fall under the colour Green. Green people need to ensure they do not put the needs of others before themselves. They can also have conflicting ideas which sometimes makes it difficult to lead a settled life. However, they do have great clarity so they need to use this to make wise choices.

Emotional Impact of Green: Green is connected to memory and it helps with the healing process by dealing with past events and making us feel grounded. It is also calming and soothes the emotions. It can help dispel negativity and is helpful with nervous conditions, neuralgia and tension.

Physical Impact of Green: Green neutralises and so is helpful with headaches, ulcers and general biliousness. It can help control blood pressure and heart conditions and is used as a general tonic. Wearing green evokes relaxation and calmness.

BLUE: Associated with Intellect. It’s the colour of wisdom, healing and loyalty. Blue people believe there is something to be learned in most things. They can have lofty ideas and this can make them seem remote at times. They do not like to draw attention to themselves and value honour and decency. Traditional values are important to them. They are supportive, unselfish, giving and have the ability to make others feel better. They are sensitive, intuitive and gentle. Blue people are inventive and often involved in science or professions involving writing.

Emotional Impact of Blue: Blue is often used in places of sickness, particularly in relation to terminal illness. It can help to accept things that cannot be changed. It assists where there is a fear of moving forward. It soothes and calms and provides serenity.

Physical Impact of Blue: Blue helps reduce fevers and inflammation. It is also antiseptic. It calms and cools the system, helps relieve stress and brings down blood pressure. Wearing blue encourages reflection and concentration on work. It can also symbolise authority and calmness.

INDIGO: Associated with Justice. It’s the colour of reform and ideals. Indigo people are teachers, they share knowledge easily. They allay fears in others and sooth. They will defend others’ rights, have unshakeable beliefs and will uphold the establishment to the end. However, they must make sure not to become fanatical. Indigo people make good lawyers and members of the clergy. They have an innate ability to make others understand. They are intuitive, imaginative people who have vision and wisdom. They are loyal and can be counted on in a crisis.

Emotional Impact of Indigo: Indigo is connected with reviewing life. It is helpful in relieving hurt and painful memories to regain direction. It can also be useful when dealing with addictions of any kind. It can release fears and calm the mind.

Physical Impact of Indigo: Indigo is the strongest painkiller in the spectrum. It is helpful in sinus, lung and chest conditions as well as back problems. It also assists with migraine, insomnia, bruising, eczema and burns. Indigo cools rashes and lowers body temperature. It also promotes the healing of wounds. Wearing Indigo helps calm and relax. It can also command respect.

VIOLET: Associated with Higher Consciousness. It’s the colour of stillness, spirituality, high ideals. Violet people are sensitive and provide great insight and vision. They are very in tune with their intuition and are very perceptive. They rebalance, heal and show great kindness. Violet people command respect but sometimes they work better when they are the leader. They are often found in positions of power and influence and sometimes this can lead to isolation. They are peacemakers and will offer protection to others. Painters, musicians and mystical leaders are often purple and there is a keen interest in alternative thinking and therapies.

Emotional Impact of Violet: Violet is a great stabiliser. It is very soothing and therefore good for the nerves. It strengthens resolve and enhances creativity. It also has a soporific quality and helps with sleep disorders.

Physical Impact of Violet: Violet is helpful with any internal inflammation. It is also associated with the head, scalp and brain and can assist in concussion. It is also good for headaches and ear problems as it rebalances. Wearing Violet calms nerves and clears your thoughts.

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