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I work with all types of individuals who want to align how they’re living and working with their passions, values and being themselves. Sometimes they feel stuck, unhappy or frustrated, or they just want more but they don’t know what it is. What they do know is they want to move forward, and they want to work with me to make it happen.

Personal Coaching
These are some of the areas I coach:
• Health & Wellbeing
• Self Esteem/Image
• Relationships
• Career Transition/Management
• Women (I am me)
• Young adults (who am I, what am I becoming?)
• Mid Life (you’re only half way)
• Retirement (it’s just the beginning)

Organisational Coaching
I coach individuals and groups within enlightened organisations in the following areas:
• Identifying and maximising leadership skills
• Teams (who you’ve got and how to harness their strengths)
• Personal Impact & Presentation (what’s my message?)
• Values (how to get corporate and personal values aligned)
• Performance management (bringing out the best)
• Career management (what’s my next move and am I ready?)



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