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The world we live in is a kaleidoscope of colour. It bombards our senses and stimulates us. A world without colour is not just dreary, it would take away many of our reference points. We recognise certain objects to be certain colours, that is the way of nature. Without this we are thrown off balance.

The same is true of people. The link between colour preference and personality types and the effect this has on an individual’s perspective on life is well documented, rooted in psychology and hugely powerful. It is no accident that we are drawn towards certain colours.

As in any pallet, there are various shades and tones. The skill lies in mixing and applying these to best effect to achieve the finest result. It’s the same for ourselves – we choose the colours and tones we wish to apply to our lives.

Red is the boldest of the primary colours. It’s vibrant, non-compromising and the spirit of life. Red people get things moving. They have passion, energy and enthusiasm. Using this approach and the metaphor of colour in my coaching assists my clients to understand more about their colour to achieve the most vibrant life they desire.



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